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What is Osaka Bio Headquarters?

In order to promote the further development of the life sciences industry in Osaka Prefecture, a prefectural industry-academia-government collaboration paved the way for a headquarters system called “Osaka Bio Headquarters.” The headquarters system is a system composed of the “Osaka Bio Strategy Promotion Conference,” the heart of the system, and the “Osaka Prefecture Life Science Industry Division,” a bureau that is responsible for implementing the headquarter functions.
Function examples
・Has a good command of a wide range of external and internal networks, and strategically implements business developments.
・Reinforcement of overseas transmission functions
・Form networks with overseas clusters
・Newsletter transmission
・Active participation in international conferences

Osaka Bio Headquarters

Make Osaka into a global cluster of the health and medical-related industries

Utilizing the accumulated strengths of the industry-academia-government collaborations in the field of life sciences and promoting the creation of drugs, medical devices regenerative medical products and evidence-based health-related products/services, Osaka will aim to support and lead Japan by becoming one of the major bases between the East and West and playing the role of a growth engine and further develop the health and medical-related industries.