Initiatives of international collaboration

In order to increase our international competitiveness in the life science field, we are undertaking the following activities.


To create a foundation for international collaboration

●Attending large-scale overseas conventions.

●Concluding memorandum of understandings regarding cooperative relationships with overseas life science clusters.


To support the overseas business of the companies based in Osaka and Kansai

●Organizing international business matching events


Through these initiatives, we will continue to extensively promote the potential of Osaka and Kansai’s life science industry.


International collaboration


2010.2:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Bio Business Alliance Of Minnesota


2010.6:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Fondation Pasteur Japan


2011.10:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Bio Headquarters
2012.10:Business meeting of Bio-M and Osaka・Kansai companies
⇒Successfully developed into European Biotech and Pharma Partnering Conference in Osaka.


2010.6:MOU Concluded
  ・Kansai Bio Promotion Conference


2016.11:MOU Concluded
・Osaka Bio Headquarters
・bioXclusters plus(bioPmed / Bioindustry Park(Italy)、Biocat(Spain)、BioM(Germany)、Lyonbiopole(France))


2012.10:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Singapore Science and Technology Agency


2008.10:MOU Concluded
  ・Kansai Bio Promotion Conference
  ・Queensland Clinical trials


2008.11:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Bio Headquarters
2016.4:Japan-China Pharmaceutical Business Exchange (Osaka)
2016.12: Osaka-Shanghai Pharmaceutical Exchange Meeting (Osaka)

Active Status