Initiative of international collaboration

At Osaka Bio Headquarters, as an initiative for increasing international competitiveness in the life science field, we undertake promotion activities at large-scale overseas trade fairs and we are working on creating a foundation for international exchange programs such as promoting such as entering into a memorandum of understanding regarding cooperative relationships with overseas life science clusters.
In addition, we hold business meetings etc. with overseas life science companies to support the overseas business exchanges between the companies based in Osaka and Kansai. Through these initiatives, we will continue to extensively promote the potential of Osaka and Kansai's life science industry.

International collaboration


2010.2:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Bio Business Alliance Of Minnesota
2015.6:Participate in 2015 BIO International Convention(Philadelphia)
2016.6:Participate in 2016 BIO International Convention(San Francisco)
2017.6:Participate in 2017 BIO International Convention(San Diego)


2010.6:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Fondation Pasteur Japan


2011.10:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Bio Headquarters
2012.10:Business meeting of Bio-M and Osaka・Kansai companies
2015.11: Participate in BioEurope2015(Munich)
2016.11: Participate in BioEurope2016 (Cologne)
2017.11:Participate in BioEurope2017 (Berlin)

Europe(Italy ,Spain ,Germany, France )

2016.11:MOU Concluded
・Osaka Bio Headquarters
・bioXclusters plus(bioPmed / Bioindustry Park(Italy)、Biocat(Spain)、BioM(Germany)、Lyonbiopole(France))


2012.10:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  ・Singapore Science and Technology Agency


2008.11:MOU Concluded
  ・Osaka Bio Headquarters
2016.4:Japan-China Pharmaceutical Business Exchange (Osaka)
2016.12: Osaka-Shanghai Pharmaceutical Exchange Meeting (Osaka)