The International Hub for Healthcare Innovation (To be opened)

What is International Hub for Healthcare Innovation?




・Promoting the industrialization of the latest “healthcare innovation” in

response to the progress of medical technologies in the future based on regenerative medicine, including the use of genomic medicine, artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT.


・Promoting global contributions by providing “healthcare innovation” to patients of intractable diseases domestically and abroad.


*healthcare innovation : New medical technologies that should be made available in the next era while responding in a timely manner to ever-changing circumstances related to the medical industry, such as changing needs for medical care and innovations in scientific technologies.                       








International hub for healthcare innovation is the

nation’s first hub where hospitals, companies including ventures and support organizations gather under the same roof.


Organization for Advanced Healthcare Innovation, mainly operated by a company, will realize the concept of global contributions by commercializing, industrializing and providing “healthcare innovation”, as they organize the whole hub and support the relevant players!






【Operating scheme and role allotment】




Roll Allotment


Osaka Prefectural Government Organization for Advanced

Healthcare Innovation

Osaka city
Building an environment which is necessary for realization and stable operation of International hub for healthcare innovation Organizing the International hub for healthcare innovation

(Operating the hub consistently with the concept of the basic plan(draft), planning and implementing services for the tenants, users and etc.)

Utilizing the city-owned land and leading the development by private sector appropriately for Nakanoshima 4 chome.


【Access to the planned site】