Japan-UK Virtual Partnering

Online Event

– Partnering from 23 January to 13 February 2023
– Pitch Session on 20 February 2023 8:00am-9:15am (GMT)


The Japan-UK Virtual Partnering is organised by Osaka prefectural Government, and offers business contacts to companies, start-ups and reserch institutions which are looking for potential partners in the Biotech and Pharma sector.
(For Japanese Companies & Organisations)日本企業・団体向けのご案内および参加申込は こちら から

This event has ended. Thank you for your participation.
If you want to see the list of participants and speakers, click here .

Outline of the Event

Target Fields Neurology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular
Online Partnering 23 January – 13 February 2023
Pitch Session 20 February 2023 5:00pm-6:15pm (JST) / 8:00am-9:15 (GMT)
Participation Free of charge
Language English
Participants Approximately 20 organizations from each country

Partnering Opportunities
-How is the service offered?

Promotion opportunities are offered to the participating organizations and the information is uploaded on the event website. The contact details are provided once a potential business partner agrees to share them with a potential partner.

-When will it be held?

23rd January – 13th February 2023

-How will it be organized?

Company’s introduction details based on their application forms are available only to the participating organizations. The participants contact Osaka Prefectural Government if they hope to request meetings with others. Osaka Prefectural Government contacts the requested participants and then provide each participants’ contact details if they agree to share them.
To find the potentioal partners, the webpage with all participants’ profile will be open on 13 January 2023 with password protection.


Pitch Sessions
-How is the service offered?

Brief presentation opportunities are offered upon request by participating organizations.

-When will it be held?

20th February 2023 at 5:00pm-6:15pm(JST) /8:00am-9:15am(GMT)

-How will it be delivered?

Streaming via Zoom.
Brief presentations will be open to the public under booking in addition to the participating organizations.


In order to qualify to join the event, please be advised that you would need to meet the following requirements.

(1) You will only be qualified to join the event if you belong to these organizations.
Japanese/British companies, academic institutions, research teams involved in research and development of medicinal drugs in the field of Neurology, Psychiatry, Oncology, Immunology, and Cardiovascular.
*Both companies and academic institutions will be welcomed.
(2) Open to collaboration with potential partner companies/academic institutions to do research and development in Osaka Kansai


Life Sciences Industry Division, Osaka Prefectural Government
– Osaka Bio Headquaters –
+81 6 6115 8100


Osaka Prefectural Government
Biocommunity Kansai (BiocK), NPO Kinki Bio-Industry Development Organization
in Cooperation with:
The University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University
Supported by:
the British Consulate-General Osaka