Medical Cluster Stage & Partnering in Osaka

Online Event

– International Partnering from 22nd November to 5th December 2023
– Including webinars deliverd by multipul culusters beneficial for foreign SMEs/companies etc.

Medical Cluster Stage & Partnering is organised by Osaka prefectural Government, and offers business contacts to companies, start-ups and reserch institutions which are looking for potential partners in the Biotech and Pharma sector.

Table of Contents
1. Outline of the Event
2. Program
3. Account type
4. Contact
5. Organisers

Outline of the Event

Event type Online
Date Online Partnering: 22nd November – 5th December 2023
Theme Day: TBD
Featured Area Drug discovery, Regenerative medicine, Digital Therapeutics (DTx) and AI in medtech
Participation Free of charge
Language English
Participants Biomedical clusters and their member enterprises (approx.50 in total)
Flyer Click here to download.


1. Opportunity to run an online booth will be provided to each participants.
2. One-on-one online meetings with other participating SMEs / Companies and institutions.
3. Webinars delivered by each collaborating clusters. (Theme Day)
e.g. introduction of outstanding technologies, pitch presentation by their support SMEs / companies and support measures for overseas SMEs which expand into new market.


Account type

Participating enterprises we expect are:

1. SMEs, Companies, academic and research institutions which are involved in research and development of medical drugs in the featured area.
2. Open to collaborative research and development with potential partners in Osaka-Kansai.


Life Sciences Industry Division, Osaka Prefectural Government
– Osaka Bio Headquaters –
Natsumi NAKAYACHI, Yuri Nishiuchi
+81 6 6115 8100


Osaka Prefectural Government