Osaka Biotech & Pharma Networking Events - Webinar schedule

At this daily webinar hosted by each collaborating organization, we welcome speakers from trade agencies, cutting-edge companies and advanced research institutions!
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Wednesday, Nov.22 | Osaka
Friday, Nov.24 | Queensland
Monday, Nov.27 | Switzerland
Tuesday, Nov.28 | Québec
Wednesday, Nov.29 | Australia Victoria
Thursday, Nov.30 | New Zealand
Friday, Dec. 1 | Canada British Columbia
Monday, Dec. 4 | London
Tuesday, Dec. 5 | Wales



Wednesday, November 22 Osaka day

9:30 – (25min)

Limitless Business Opportunities in Osaka

by Osaka Prefectural Government
Osaka has one of the highest quality life science clusters in Japan. We, Osaka Prefectural government, consider life sciences industry as our expected leading industry in the future, and actively involved in establishment of local ecosystem. In this presentation, we provide the overview of industry and market in Osaka, introduce 3 life science innovation hubs with different focus and our collaboration with other clusters in Greater Kansai and overseas countries.

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10:00- (30min)

Pitch Presentation

by Osaka companies
In this session, Osaka companies presents their technologies and initiatives. Join us and find your potential partners.
“Agile small molecule drug discovery with Binder Collection” by SEEDSUPPLY
In traditional drug discovery, the journey begins by pinpointing a target and then sifting through numerous compounds using high-throughput screening, a process that can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive. Imagine a method that significantly elevates this process. Enter our cutting-edge compound database: a treasure trove of binding compounds meticulously cataloged for each target. This is not just a database; it’s a gateway to efficient screening, where potential compounds with high affinity for specific targets are just a click away. The outcome? A revolutionized approach that supercharges the drug discovery process, slashing both time and initial research costs. But there’s more. Our current mission is laser-focused on unearthing breakthroughs in cancer therapeutics and central nervous system treatments. Our ambition is crystal clear: to pave a transformative pipeline for uncovering novel targets.
“Next-Generation Peptide Drug Development with Disulfide Rich Peptide” by Veneno Technologies Co. Ltd.
Veneno develops various DRP as new drugs, research reagents, pesticides, bio-stimulants, etc. by using its innovative DRP screening and manufacturing technologies.
“Drug Discovery and Safety with Human iPSC-Neuron and Artificial Intelligence” by TechnoPro, Inc.
・RESEARCH SERVICES: AI and iPSC-Neuron for Drug Discovery and Safety with Action Potential
・PROJECT COOPERATION: Human Disease Models of Cortical, Sensory and Motor Neurons with AI and iPSC-Neuron
We are biotech providing research services on biotechnology and chemistry. In our many applications we focus on the proprietary research platform for drug disc

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11:00- (20min)

International collaboration with Biocommunity Kansai (BiocK)

by Biocommunity Kansai
Biocommunity Kansai (BiocK) is the Japanese Global Biocommunity .
Our goal is the creating an ultimate ecosystem for the bio-fields in Kansai, collaborations to solve many social problems in the world and developing the bioindustry together.

We introduce 3 main action plans.

1. Facilitating innovation
2. Creating networks
3. Disseminating information

We propose international collaboration with all of the world.

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15:00- (20min)

O-BIC supports for foreign companies and basic guidance for business establishment in Osaka

by O-BIC & Nakaya Legal Office
O-BIC explains the outline of its services and activities to support business establishment and expansion from abroad into Osaka, with the short briefing about the business potential in the region. As the second part, Nakaya Legal Office, O-BIC’s official partner as a legal specialist, will present 2 important topics for doing business in Japan. First is the general flow of registration procedures as corporate entities in Japan (including representative office, branch office). And the second topic is the foreigners’ status of residence to engage in paid work and continuously reside in Japan.

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Friday, November 24 Queensland day

10:00- (15min)


by Trade and Investment Queensland
*This program will be brought in Japanese language.

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10:15- (15min)


by 弁護士法人 マツダ リーガル
*This program will be brought in Japanese language.

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10:30- (10min)


by Grant Thornton – Brisbane
*A part of this program will be delivered in Japanese Language.
Grant Thornton discussed the Australian R&D Tax Incentive program. It supports innovation research and development activities within Australia. To access the program, a company must be incorporated in Australia, and registration is annual. The program provides a tax offset based on a company’s aggregated turnover, with a refundable offset for smaller companies and a non-refundable benefit for larger ones. R&D activities must include core and supporting elements, documented thoroughly, and carried out in Australia. Effective ownership of results and financial risk bearing are essential for claiming the incentive. The program encourages innovation in biotechnology and life sciences.

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11:00- (50min)

Pitch Presentation

by Queensland Companies
‘Clinials AI Powering Patient Centric Research’ by Clinials
Clinical trials often struggle due to poor patient recruitment, resulting in delays and failures. Clinials, designed for the Japanese as well as global market, prioritizes participant engagement and simplifies medical information, offering a secure, cloud-based recruitment tool for clinicians. Clinials stands out for its adaptability to the Japanese audience, with localized translations for landing pages and forms, revolutionizing patient recruitment and retention. The platform streamlines the process with simplified onboarding questions, reducing the load on trial sites, enhancing participant engagement, and boosting recruitment efficiency. With a global customer base, Clinials offers essential features like AI-generated protocol summaries, landing pages, pre-screening questions, and automated notifications, with a commitment to continuous updates and customer success. In summary, Clinials is poised to address patient recruitment challenges, specifically in the Japanese market, with the potential to influence global clinical trial success.
‘Transforming Cancer Care through Innovative Immunotherapy’ by Fovero Therapeutics
Fovero Therapeutics is a new Australian biotechnology company developing a novel immunotherapy for treating immuno-oncology (IO) cancer patients who are resistant to current immunotherapies. We have leveraged cutting-edge research in the field of dysregulated immune function in infectious diseases, to develop a novel solution that holds the potential to transform patient care for oncology. At the core of our scientific endeavours, lies the profound understanding that malaria, cancer, and autoimmune diseases share a common aetiology—dysregulated immune function. This key insight forms the foundation upon which our research and development efforts are built.
’Drug Discovery using the Australian Biodiscvoery Platform NatureBank’ by Griffith University
Around 40% of medicines available today either come from nature or are inspired by a natural product. NatureBank, housed at the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery (GRIDD) at Griffith University, is Australia’s largest biodiscovery resource currently comprising ~30,000 plant, fungi and marine invertebrate samples. Importantly, this unique collection of Australian biota has been processed into ready-to-screen libraries (>18,000 extracts and >90,000 fractions) that academic and industry researchers can access to discover new biologically active agents for human diseases and other applications. Chemistry workup (extraction, isolation and structure determination studies) following HTS of the NatureBank libraries can be undertaken by expert natural product chemists at GRIDD or hit extracts can be sent to industry collaborators. See the NatureBank website for more details on this unique resource and how we go about working with industry in terms of IP and Benefit Sharing arrangements.
‘Next Generation Microbiome Therapeutics’ by Microba
Microba as a microbiome company developing microbiome-based therapeutics. They emphasized the potential of microbiome science in transforming chronic disease management. Microba’s approach includes microbiome testing and precision microbiome data, which helps in developing novel therapies. They have a strong focus on single-strain treatments and a large data bank for research. Microba is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, has a robust team and global partnerships. Their advanced analysis platform provides high accuracy in microbiome research. They have ongoing clinical trials and research programs. The presentation was an overview of Microba’s work in the field of microbiome-based therapeutics and their future aspirations.
‘Early Clinical Trials in Australia – Rapid Phase I Value Inflection’ by Nucleus Network Pty Ltd
Australia is the world’s 2nd largest market for offshore placement of early phase clinical trials and it’s not surprising why given it’s many advantages which include regulatory approval speed, cost efficiency (i.e. up to 60% cheaper than the USA) and high quality clinical dataset. This presentation provides a brief comparison of clinical entry requirements across the USA, UK and Australia as well as showcase the capability and experience of it’s premier Phase I clinical trial operator, Nucleus Network.

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Monday, November 27 Switzerland day

15:00- (10min)

Between Japan and Switzerland – Potential for Innovation

by Swissnex in Japan
Swissnex Japan plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and innovation between Switzerland and Japan. As part of the global Swissnex network, it serves as a hub for connecting Swiss universities, research institutions, startups, and entrepreneurs with their counterparts in Japan. By organizing events, workshops, and networking opportunities, Swissnex Japan facilitates knowledge exchange and partnerships in areas like technology, science, education, and innovation. Through its various initiatives, it supports Swiss entities in accessing the Japanese market, understanding its unique business landscape, and promoting Swiss expertise. Additionally, Swissnex Japan promotes educational and research opportunities, creating a bridge for students and academics between the two countries. Ultimately, Swissnex Japan acts as a catalyst, driving collaborative projects, enhancing cultural understanding, and strengthening the bilateral relationship between Switzerland and Japan.

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15:10- (20min)

Pitch Presentation

by Swiss companies
Democratizing AI-powered cells morphology & telomeres analysis for human diagnostic & diagnosis’ by Beyond Genomix
BEYOND GENOMiX mission is to provide in vitro diagnostic tests, based on one blood drop, that analyze telomeres in addition to cell morphologies (in single cells) to significantly improve the lives of patients by producing clinically applicable findings from data generated using our technologies.
‘Satraplatin – oral precision platinum targeting lymphoma’ by Daython Therapeutics
*Japanese language
Dayton Therapeutics, a Switzerland-based clinical oncology company led by a team of experienced oncologists, was established with the aim of identifying compounds for the treatment of new cancer indications with limited therapeutic options. It has developed an AI-powered genetic and molecular research model as an engine to investigate new therapeutic uses of clinical stage drug candidates where initial development has been discontinued. The firm has identified satraplatin, an antineoplastic agent derived from platinum, as having the potential to make a significant effect in haemato-oncology indications and is developing it as a precision platinum for orphan lymphomas. Satraplatin was previously investigated for use in the treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer. Dayton Therapeutics is investigating satraplatin for the treatment of rare lymphomas and has already filed two patent applications ‒ one related to the indications and one around the actual molecular targets in the patients.

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Tuesday, November 28 Québec day

10:00 – (5min)

Osaka Biotech & Pharma networking eventによせて

by ケベック州政府在日事務所
*This program will be brought in Japanese language.

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10:05- (10min)

Québec’s Life Science Ecosystem and activities of BIOQuébec

by BIOQuébec
At the Osaka Biotech & Pharma Networking Event in November 2023, Benoit Larose, CEO, presented on Québec’s robust life sciences ecosystem. He highlighted Québec’s ambitious Life Sciences Strategy, aimed at fostering growth and innovation in the sector. Larose also introduced BIOQuébec, the province’s biotechnology industry association, which plays a pivotal role in policy influence, business development, and industry support. The presentation underscored Québec’s commitment to becoming a leader in life sciences, leveraging BIOQuébec’s network to enhance industry opportunities both locally and internationally.

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10:15- (10min)

Vibrant Life Sciences Ecosystems and Investment attraction in Québec

by Life Sciences Investissement Québec
Québec Vibrant Life Sciences Ecosystem is built on a solid foundation of collaboration between Research Centers, Academia and Industry partners. Québec offers various competitive incentives and government supports for overseas companies and investors.

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10:25- (10min)

ケベック州投資公社のご紹介 ~ケベック州・戦略的ビジネスパートナー~

by ケベック州投資公社
*This program will be brought in Japanese language.

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10:40- (45min)

Pitch Presentation

by Québec companies
VEEGix, and instant use EEG for Emergency Room and Intensive Care Units’ by Neuro Servo
NeuroServo has created VEEGix, a revolution in the medical EEG space. VEEGix is a miniaturised prefrontal EEG designed specifically to be used in emergency situation in Intensive Care Units. As opposed to traditional EEGs which require an EEG technician for the setup and a neurologist to interpret the data (causing a lead time of 4 hours in the best scenarios), VEEGix has been designed to be installed by nurses and provides an interpretable status of the brain within a minute. VEEGix is not intended to replace a full traditional EEG but to be used as 1/ an emergency EEG when time matters (some pathologies have a treatment windows of less than one hour before permanent brain damages), and 2/ as a cerebral monitoring device for patient under sedation
‘Treating cancer and preventing relapses for life. ‘ by Immugenia
Immugenia Inc. uses a proprietary technology called “specific synthetic promoters” which allows to modify stem cells to express a gene that will target cancer more specifically. Because stems cells provide a continuous replenishment of immune cells, not only we aim at killing cancer but also prevent relapses for the entire life of the patient. One-and-done treatment! Our specific promoters’ technology also apply to allogeneic induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) for a gene expression once the cell is fully differentiated as well as in vivo gene therapy so that a gene will only be expressed if it lands in the right cell type allowing for the development of treatments for genetic diseases lasting for life.
‘Partner with us to change the landscape of hair loss treatment’ by Triple Hair
Triple Hair is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing innovative treatments for hair loss and is looking for business partners to commercializing its patented prescription products. Hair loss, clinically referred to as alopecia, impacts approximately 20% of the human population. The global hair loss market was valued at US$8.2 billion in 2022 and is expected to continue growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.0% from 2023 to 2030, reaching US$16.02 billion by 2030, according to a report published by Grand View Research, Inc. Our prescription spray contains a patented topical formulation of minoxidil, finasteride and latanoprost in a fixed dose formula combining their synergistic effects. In the phase 2 study, the results showed hair regrowth in 100% of men treated with our product, 80% of whom experienced moderate to dense regrowth. Triple Hair is now working actively to conduct our Global Phase 3 clinical study in 2024.
‘GPCR targeted drug discovery’ by Domain Thérapeutique
Established 10 years ago, Domain Therapeutics NA inc. (« DTNA »), is a drug discovery technology company that has been engaged over more than 260 research projects with pharma and biotech companies globally to discover novel therapeutics targeting G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs) in a broad range of indications. The know-how of DTNA’s scientific researcher combined with an insightful, adaptable BRET-based technology provide population-centered, enhanced drug discovery capabilities to allow deeper profiling capabilities to enable differentiated and biologically validated drug candidates while mitigating attrition risks.
‘Diex Recherche, how to conduct clinical trials in Canada’ by Diex
Diex Research is a private research company dedicated to conducting Phase I to IV clinical trials for its pharmaceutical clients and CROs partners. Diex’s network consists of 5 sites located in the province of Quebec and is one of Canada’s leading clinical research centers. Also, we can affirm that the five sites meet quality standards classified as world-class. Moreover, Diex has a PBMC processing services at 4 sites, fibroscan and more. Diex’s database has over 100,000 patients, in addition to those from medical clinics near the sites. Diex can conduct studies in a wide variety of therapeutic areas, including cardiology, dermatology, general medicine, psychiatry, rheumatology, vaccines, etc.
‘NeuroTracker, a validated complementary health tool for cognitive training and monitoring’ by Neurotracker
NeuroTracker is a cognitive training tool already on the market and being used by thousands of healthy people to improve their cognitive performance. In the last few years, NeuroTracker has pivoted into the health space, and has several peer-reviewed studies showing early stage proof of concept data that it is effective for cognitive training in certain conditions (ADHD, dementia, MCI) as well as for monitoring (especially in mild traumatic brain injury). We are now moving forward in the health space to develop these POC studies with key partners with interest in our core therapeutic areas
‘Paperplane Therapeutic Pitch at HLTH.’ by Paperplane Therapeutics
This pitch presented at the HLTH conference in Las Vegas introduces Paperplane Therapeutics. The software company developed by an emergency doctor works on developing virtual reality therapies to help clinicians manage their patients’ pain and anxiety in the clinical setting.
‘Feldan Therapeutics’ by Feldan Therapeutics
I. Introduction – Speaker: François-Thomas Michaud (FT), CEO and Co-founder of Feldan Therapeutics – Brief thanks and overview of the presentation
II. BCC Overview – Introduction to Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) as a common skin cancer – Different BCC types: superficial, locally advanced, and nodular
III. Feldan’s Approach – A non-scarring alternative for BCC treatment – Explanation of the hedgehog pathway and Feldan’s “Shuttle” for intracellular delivery
IV. Preclinical Testing – Development of an inducible BCC mouse model – Successful treatment results using Feldan’s technology
V. Expansion into Pulmonary Field – Application of technology in lung diseases with mucus hypersecretion and goblet cell hyperplasia
VI. Corporate Progress – Strong team, recent financing, and future clinical trials – Seeking partnerships with Pharma or Biotech companies
VII. Conclusion – Gratitude and an open invitation for further discussions
‘Optimizing performance of regenerative medicines and transplantation’ by Targa Biomedical inc.
Targa Biomedical is a clinically focused biotechnology company possessing a patented technology with currently two products in advanced development stage. TBM007 is a small molecule used to enhance cell production quality and yields by increasing viability, functionality and therapeutic potency of a wide variety of cells including stem cells, iPSC, adult cells for autologous or allogeneic therapies. This product aims to support the growing pipelines of cell and gene therapy companies by providing a strategic advantage to partners evolving in this space. TBM005 is a pharmacological product that reconditions and rescues marginal quality tissues including Donation after Cardiocirculatory Death (DCD) organs thereby increasing opportunities for life-saving transplantations. This product is currently developed for our first-in-human lung transplantation clinical trial with additional preclinical development for liver and heart transplantation. By increasing donor organ availability and quality, TBM005 constitutes a high value proposition for patients on the transplant waiting list.

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Wednesday, November 29 Australia Victoria day

10:00- (20min)

Biotech & Pharma in Victoria; A Review of the Ecosystem and Information for International Investors

by Invest Victoria Victorian Government
Victoria is Australia’s premier destination for life sciences in Australia. Melbourne offers world-class medical and scientific skills and infrastructure to enable advanced therapeutic research and development. We are leading cutting-edge research in regenerative medicine and mRNA innovations, efficient clinical trials, as well as next generation pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies.

Together with our international network of 24 Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) offices, Victoria has a comprehensive approach to support companies on their business expansion journey through a dedicated business investment attraction agency – Invest Victoria.

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10:20- (60min)

Pitch Presentation

by Victorian companies
“CCRM Australia – the gateway to regenerative medicine in Victoria and Australia.” by CCRM Australia
CCRM Australia is the Australian Hub of the highly successful Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine in Canada (CCRM). Established as a not-for-profit with a national focus, CCRM Australia’s mission is to address bottlenecks in the translation and commercialisation of regenerative medicine discoveries in Australia, many of which have the potential to cure some of the most devastating and costly diseases in the world today.
CCRM Australia’s commercially focused solutions enable businesses and research partners to achieve their commercialisation objectives by providing customised country, market and industry-specific support. To date, CCRM Australia has collaborated with researchers to advance their regenerative medicine technologies, evaluated and supported promising technologies to seek investment funding, facilitated commercialisation training and worked with international biotechnology companies to set up their clinical trials in Australia. CCRM Australia continues to do so, while providing access to resources and expertise from other CCRM Hubs around the world.
“RealBrain® Human Brain micro-tissues as a drug discovery tool and an implantable cell therapy for neurological diseases” by Tessara Therapeutics
RealBrain® Drug screening and Development Platform: Tessara’s RealBrain® is a groundbreaking platform offering innovative in vitro 3D brain models, revolutionising drug discovery in neurology. Unlike existing technologies, RealBrain® ensures physiological accuracy and replicability, becoming a vital tool for companies creating neurological drugs. By significantly minimising the use of animal models, it offers an efficient drug testing platform. This technology is further enhanced by integrating AI and advanced imaging, delivering unparalleled data insights.
RealBrain® Cell Therapy platform: Beyond drug discovery, RealBrain® plays a transformative role in cell therapy. Specifically tailored for brain regeneration, RealBrain® micro-tissues can address conditions like Parkinson’s Disease. Traditional cell therapies face issues like poor engraftment and high post-implantation cell death. However, RealBrain® combats these challenges, promoting angiogenesis and minimizing inflammation. Notably, in vivo studies highlight the absence of immune rejection with an impressive >70% cell viability three months post-implantation, vastly outperforming conventional brain cell therapies.
“VivaZome Therapeutics – Excellence in Exosome Therapy” by VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd
VivaZome Therapeutics Pty Ltd (VivaZome) is a Melbourne-based biotechnology company developing next generation extracellular vesicle (EV)-based therapeutic products with a focus on treatment for debilitating and/or life-threatening disorders which are not adequately managed by current therapies for the global market. Small extracellular vesicles or exosomes shuttle genetic information and proteins between cells. The VivaZome team has extensive experience in the development and commercialisation of biological therapies, together with a wide network of experts in the Australian and global biotechnology community.
“Myostellar-g novel therapeutics for skeletal muscle regeneration and disease.” by Myostellar
Myostellar is a discovery-stage Australia-based biotechnology spin-out from Monash University focusing on developing novel therapeutics for skeletal muscle regeneration. The company is founded upon key science findings from Prof. Currie and A/Prof. Martino from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash. The company’s core technology comprises novel, engineered nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT)-derived fusion protein biologics which act via satellite cell stimulation to promote the regeneration of skeletal muscle
“A Next Generation Stem Cell Company” by Cynata Therapeutics Limited
Cynata Therapeutics Limited (ASX: CYP) is a clinical-stage stem cell and regenerative medicine company. Cynata is focussed on the development and commercialisation of a proprietary induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based platform technology, Cymerus™. The Cymerus platform utilises iPSC technology to enable scalable manufacture of mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)-based products for potential human therapeutic use. The primary advantage of the Cymerus platform is its ability to produce an effectively limitless number of consistent, high quality MSCs from a single cell bank, which in turn was derived from a single donation, from a single donor donor. This avoids challenges associated with conventional MSC manufacturing methods, including the need for new tissue donations from different donors on an ongoing basis, which is associated with substantial variability and potential impacts on MSC functionality.

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Thursday, November 30 New Zealand day

10:00 – (5min)

The New Zealand – Japan Relationship

by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise
Te Taurapa Tūhono | New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the government agency charged with helping New Zealand businesses to grow internationally. We use our extensive knowledge and global networks to help exporters of all sizes make better decisions and connect to the right partners and investors. We connect international businesses and investors with high-value growth opportunities in New Zealand. By supporting New Zealand businesses, we boost New Zealand’s economy and reputation, and help to share what’s special about New Zealand with the rest of the world.

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10:10 – (15min)

The BioTech Economy in New Zealand

by BioTechNZ
Biotech NZ aim is to raise awareness and increase the understanding to enable our nation to embrace the best opportunities biotech offers to us daily, helping us live better, healthier and more productive lives. We connect innovators, investors, regulators, researchers, social entrepreneurs and interested public. We also help raise awareness and increase understanding of biotechnology to enable our nation to embrace the best opportunities biotech offers to us daily, helping us live better, healthier and more productive lives. We take a practical, but information and evidence-based approach, focusing on harnessing the opportunities and addressing the issues. We draw on the active contributions of all members. This approach is intended to balance the dual aims of:
Clearly identifying the real issues to be addressed so actions have maximum effect, and
Moving to action rapidly. We are a neutral centre of gravity for discussion, debate, policy development and collaboration around biotechnology in New Zealand.

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10:30- (50min)

Pitch Presentation

by New Zealand Companies
“Novel therapies for patients with vision disorders” by TheiaNova
TheiaNova builds upon work done by Professors Colin Green and Trevor Sherwin, Associate Professor Ilva Rupenthal, and Dr. Carol Greene in the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Auckland. Our goal now is to bring this therapy into the clinic so that patients will be able to benefit from it as soon as possible. By committing to our values of integrity, inclusivity, and agility we aim to generate sound evidence to support our therapy, to take into account the needs of our patients and their physicians as well as our internal and external stakeholders and advisors, and to find ways to shorten the route from bench to bedside as much as reasonably possible.
“DNA Dependent protein Kinase Inhibitors as Radiosensitisers” by University of Auckland
DDRx Pharmaceuticals are developing selective, potent DNA-PK inhibitors which target hypoxic tumors and improve the effectiveness of radio therapy to treat solid tumors.
“The future of orthopeadic planning” by Formus Labs
Founded from within the world-renowned Auckland Bioengineering Institute, the Formus platform employs cutting-edge, biomechanics and AI-enabled machine learning to empower surgeons and improve the lives of patients worldwide in under an hour.
“Advancing ADCs – Novel payloads” by Auckland UniServices
The University of Auckland has developed a promising new ‘payload’ for use in antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) targeting many different cancers. It is highly cytoxic but has a tunable potency which enables reduced toxicity, lower dosing for longer periods, and better treatment of solid tumours. A short half-life in plasma reduces any off-target toxicity. In vitro work showed comparable cytotoxicity to Genentech’s Kadcyla and Byondis’ SYD983/985. In vivo work in tumour xenograft mouse models is about to begin.
“Advancing ADCs – Novel linkers” by Auckland UniServices
Please join us to hear about the ADC research currently underway at the University of Auckland. Iman and his team are working on multiple aspects of the ADC including linker and conjugation technologies, payloads, and a novel synthetic methodology to increase workflow and output. Thank you and we look forward to your questions
“NeuroValida” by Auckland UniServices
Neurovalida is a breakthrough drug validation platform that assists CNS drug target discovery by utilizing highly characterized human brain tissue and cells, along with case matched clinical and family history and layers of scientific information (Braak, APOE, omics etc). The platform allows for a shortcut to the traditional neuroscience drug development pathway, expediting identification of key parameters that are otherwise unknown until phase 2a of a clinical trial, thereby saving years and approx USD 500m on a failed drug

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Friday, December 1 Canada British Columbia day

9:30- (25min)

Presentation by Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation (JEDI)

by Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation (JEDI)
[Part 1] Doing Business in British Columbia
-basic intro of BC, brief cultural/business connection with Japan
-how BC Gov can support foreign investors collaborate with BC companies, our service by Trade and Investment BC
[Part 2] Life Sciences and Bio-Manufacturing
-BC Gov’s strategies and activities in accelerating academia/businesses in LS sector
-BC’s newly launched LS and Bio-manufacturing Strategy and how BC wants to work with foreign investors

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9:55- (15min)

BC Market Overview and Highlights

by Life Sciences BC
-Introduction of Life Sciences BC, its role and activities
-LS market overview in BC, sector ecosystem and unique strengths
-highlight some globally recognized companies, research/innovation thats happening in BC

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10:15- (35min)

Pitch Presentations

by British Columbia companies
This pre-recorded session will provide 5 min pitching presentations by BC companies.

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Monday, December 4 London day

9:00 – (10min)

London a hub for Innovation, an intro to London & Partners and Grow London Global (On-demand)

by London & Partners

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9:10- (15min)

London a hub for Life Science Innovation – An introduction to MedCity

by MedCity

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9:30- (70min)

Pitch Presentation

by London companies
‘AI for immunotherapy response prediction’ by Curenetics
Curenetics is a growing company, working hard to defeat cancer using AI. Their cutting-edge AI models can leverage clinical data along with imaging and genomic data to predict immunotherapy response more accurately than current biomarkers. Curenetics supports physicians & lab scientists by providing personalised immunotherapy treatment plans, saving crucial time spent on ineffective treatment. Led by a team of oncologists, data scientists, immunologists & cancer biologists, Curenetics is revolutionising immunotherapy treatment bringing us one step closer to achieving cancer survival targets.
‘The simplest way to design better drugs’ by Deep Mirror
DeepMirror builds intuitive AI powered software to co-pilot every scientist in the century of biology. Today, we know that AI can accelerate the discovery of novel drugs by 2x, saving companies > $10M per drug. But, to date, most Life Sciences companies have struggled to apply AI techniques due to limitations in expertise, staff, and adequate tools. DeepMirror built an intuitive and powerful AI app that helps chemists design and optimise drug compounds. DeepMirror was founded in 2019, raised > $1M in funding, and is trusted by scientists across the globe.
iLoF is a digital health company pioneering a breakthrough AI-platform to accelerate the future of personalized drug discovery and development.Through advanced AI and Photonics, iLoF is collecting massive amounts of data to build a digital library of biomarkers and biological profiles, bringing together world-class physicists, biologists, and data scientists to get life-saving personalized treatments to patients faster. Recognized by CB Insights as one of the top Digital Health companies in the world and by the Financial Times as a Transformational Business in Healthcare, iLoF is supported by leading institutions like Microsoft Ventures, Mayfield or the Oxford University, and has been regularly featured by outlets like Tech Crunch, Wired, or Sifted as a rising star in AI-Driven Drug Discovery, Health Screening & Data Analytics.
‘OneSc – Reimagining Pharma Supply Chain’ by OneSC
OneSC increases product shelf life and reduces cost by reducing pharmaceutical batch processing times through automation, simplifying document collection and enabling real-time collaboration through a unified interface that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Internet-of-Things (IoT). Please visit for more information.
‘Pangea Bio: discovering and developing transformative medicines for neurological disorders’ by Pangea Bio
Pangea Bio discovers and develops transformative medicines to treat neurological disorders. We deploy AI to discover promising molecules from natural sources, such as plants, with evidence of safety and efficacy in humans based on traditional medicinal use.Our lead R&D program focuses on the TrkB receptor pathway, which drives neuronal survival, synaptic plasticity and reduces pathological protein aggregates (e.g. tau, amyloid β and α-synuclein).Our lead compound, a proprietary small molecule, shows compelling data across a diverse range of cellular and animal models including in schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. A phase1 study is planned to start Q4-24.Our follow-on program leverages the compelling pharmacology of the TrkB pathway across neurological disorders (including motor neuron, eye and mood disorders); we are building a pipeline of follow-on compounds. Our team has a successful track record of founding and building neuroscience and technology companies, including: COMPASS Pathways, GW Pharma, atai and Healx.
‘Phaim Pharma: The Future of Antigenic Immune Modulation’ by Phaim Pharma
‘Combinatorial screening technology for optimisation of cell and gene therapy.’ by Plasticell
Plasticell is a biotechnology company that develops cell therapies through precise manipulation of stem cells and more differentiated cell types using an award-winning combinatorial screening technology CombiCult®. Plasticell focuses on a number of therapeutic programs, including the expansion of hematopoietic stem cells and the manufacture of immune cells from iPSCs for applications in regenerative medicine and immune-oncology.
‘Leading the Targeting of Disintegrin & Metalloproteinases (ADAMs) for the Treatment of Neovascular Retinal Diseases’ by Vasgen
Vasgen is a early-stage biotech developing antibody therapies to treat debilitating diseases of global significance. We are developing a breakthrough antibody platform that enables the selective targeting of ADAM proteases known to promote disease progression by the development of “antibody inhibitors” precision targeted to the catalytic cleft, thereby overcoming the historical problem of off-target toxicity associated with small molecule inhibitors. Our lead programme focusses on treating unmet needs in the management of neovascular age-related macular degeneration by targeting ADAM15 and ADAM12 with a dual specificity antibody inhibitor. This novel therapy aims to enhance vision outcomes for patients that respond poorly to the standard of care therapies that target the VEGF pathway as a second line treatment.

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Tuesday, December 5 Wales day

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Improving the Health and Wellbeing of the Citizen: Advanced Physical and Digital Engineering in Indoor Air and Environmental Quality in Build Environments

by Respiratory Innovation Wales
Introduction of Respiratory Innovation Wales and opportunities for R&D

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The TriTech Institute – providing solutions for research, innovation, and Value-Based Healthcare evaluation.

by Tritech Institute Hywel Dda University Health Board
The current NHS set-up and clinical evaluation systems are not keeping up with technical advances, UK/EU legal requirements and patient demand. TriTech’s multi-disciplinary team develop, test and re-test innovations from within the NHS. We give immediate clinical and scientific opinions on feasibility and safety, consider what is needed to prove efficacy (patient outcomes) and value. We support companies to grow whilst improving patient care through:

• A single point of access to the NHS for med-tech designers and manufacturers
• Early technical feasibility providing regulatory advice and route to market planning
• Real-world evaluations of newly licensed medical technologies
• Introducing, testing and retesting more established products into real clinical ecosystems
• Advice and planning for scale-up and what is needed for wider and faster adoption.

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Reacta Healthcare – Integrating Medicine With Food Science

by Reacta HealthCare
Reacta Healthcare develop and manufacture challenge meals for use in food allergy clinical trials. Building from this foundation we offer innovative development and manufacturing solutions across the food allergy space.
Reacta Healthcare, established in 2013, operates from a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Deeside, North Wales. It is licenced to manufacture challenge meals for use in clinical trials. These challenge meals are currently used to diagnose and monitor food allergy in numerous worldwide therapeutic trials. Patents for the challenge meals have been granted in a number of countries. Reacta Healthcare is developing its in-house analytical capability and has plans in place for expansion into niche areas of food allergen development and manufacture. This will include all aspects from sourcing through to manufacture of end product. We are looking to work with partners across this developing clinical space.

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The Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre (ATiC)-Design research for the Life Sciences, Health and Wellbeing.

by Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre University of Wales, Trinity Saint David
ATiC is a user centred design research and innovation laboratory which collaborates with partners across the life sciences, health, and social care sectors to co-create and evaluate new health technologies. Our research focus is on understanding people’s needs and performance during their interaction with physical and digital healthcare products, services, systems, and spaces. These insights help our partners develop innovative new solutions for health and wellbeing, which transform lives. Powered by a diverse multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, architects, scientists, and engineers, ATiC uses a multi-modal approach incorporating user-centred thinking, design research methods, and objective physical measurement tools. ATiC provides research and innovation capabilities in User Experience, Usability Engineering and Human Computer Interaction; Behavioural, Cognitive and Affective Observation and Measurement; Physical Performance and Biomechanical Data Capture and Analysis; Computer Simulation, Modelling & Optimisation for User Testing using Virtual and Augmented Reality Simulation, 3D Scanning, CAD, 3D Printing and Prototyping.

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Why Wales for Medtech Health

by Welsh Government
Wales offers specific commercial opportunities for your company to develop and commercialise new or disruptive technologies. Our devolved National Health Service is committed to supporting innovative technologies and therapies to reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. Wales also has competitive strengths in the enabling technologies that underpin digital innovation in healthcare, namely Cyber security, big data analytics, and the world’s first compound semiconductor cluster. In Wales you can engage with a vibrant research culture involving the NHS, industry, academic institutions and government developing innovative e-health solutions. Our researchers lead the world in areas including wound healing, stem cells, neurosciences, e-health, in vitro diagnostics and medical devices. We make it easy for industry to collaborate with NHS clinicians and universities to move research projects towards market readiness.

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